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Taizhou Jinfeng Heat-treatment co.,ltd Heat treatment is a mold featuring a comprehensive company specialized heat-treatment,The company is located in the Wenling Binhai New Street Industrial Area East,From Wenling Binhai (New Street)、From luqiao Binhai (New Street)、Ruoheng to Yokogawa Highway From the factory gate pass, the traffic is very convenient.
  The company after nearly 20 years of hard work,Has now developed into an area of 8000 square meters,More than 150 employees,Professional technical and management staff of more than 20 people,In which more than 10 senior title officer.Has a multi-purpose furnace production line, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, deep furnace, trolley furnace, high frequency, VHF,Ion-nitriding furnace and other equipment more than 50 pieces (sets);Can be different materials from different parts to quenching and tempering, annealing, normalizing, vacuum hardening, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, surface hardening heat treatment and many other;Company testing self-contained、Advanced detection methods, testing centers and vehicles equipped with cloth, Luo, Vickers hardness tester, surface hardness tester, micro hardness tester, Leeb hardness tester, metallographic microscope and universal tensile testing machine, impact toughness testing machine, spectral composition analyzer such as inspection, testing and test equipment more than 20 sets (pieces) can be carried out on the parts or samples of various hardness, hardened layer depth of hardened layer hardness, the hardness gradient, microstructure and tensile strength, yield strength , elongation, impact toughness, items such as inspection, testing, observation and analysis, and determination of chemical composition and surface defect inspection.Region has become an integrated heat treatment processing of specialized companies.
  Processed products throughout the company's automobile, motorcycle, bearings, sewing machines, medical devices and other manufacturing industries and pneumatic tools, deceleration machine, drilling machines, high-strength fasteners, (work) areas of molds and other mechanical products, some products are exported to the United States Parts , Italy, Japan and other countries,Wide distribution of its products, parts varieties, technical requirements peculiar, the product components are complex, but companies are able to schedule, timely, quality and quantity of the completion of collaboration and export processing tasks, and achieve customer's reliance on and praise.
  Company introduced a 6S Management Law, passed the IS09001: 2000 quality management system, ISO014001: 2004 environmental management system certification.'s Zhejiang Province, has received excellent enterprises and other heat-treatment quality management awards, the National Institute of group members heat treatment units and unit of China Heat Treatment Association.
  The company in line with the prestige first, customer first, service first business philosophy and dedication to our customers at home and abroad, industrial and commercial enterprises, foreign trade companies to provide quality products and very good service, willing to work with friends of various circles, the industry patriots and common development, to create a brilliant.   

About us

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